Question by  Cats (28)

How I do set my internet to "no sign up for chat rooms"?

I want to keep my teenager out of them.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

You'd have to find an internet filter program where you can block certain sites, it's not possible to only block chat rooms. With instant messaging and social networking becoming more popular, you'd have to block a LOT of stuff as well. I'd advise monitoring or chat logging instead, or discussing it with your teen first.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

You can talk to your provider about security settings, they should be able to help you. You can also block individual sites, but your teen will probably just find other chat rooms anyway so it is probably best to talk to your provider to make sure that your teen can not get around the blocks.


Answer by  ElecGuy (24)

Blocking access to chat rooms will require some kind of filter software, often referred to as "Parental Controls". These can be purchased from many companies, such as McAfee or Norton.


Answer by  kekejojo (36)

You cannot simply choose a setting to keep your teenager out of chat rooms. However, you can purchase parental control software that allows you to keep tabs on what your child is doing. A popular tool is a web filter, that controls what websites your child can and cannot visit.

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