Question by  camille (50)

How far in advance should I buy plane tickets for a vacation?


Answer by  tee09 (31)

It depends on the type of vacation. If you have a specific destination in mind, you should buy tickets at least a month in advance, because you can take advantage of certain discounted seats, especially for students or young people. If you are undecided and flexible with your plans, then you can probably find a last-minute deal.


Answer by  jinyang (52)

It depends on how concrete your plans are and if you find any good deals. In general, the further ahead you buy your tickets, the better deal you will get. You will also have the security of knowing the dates of your trip. However sometimes some very good deals can be found very close to the departure date.


Answer by  worshipr (163)

If you know exactly when you are going on vacation, it is great to plan about 6 months or more in advance. That way you can shop for the best deals, and you usually get a much better price for your flights. Last mintue resevations are unpredictable.


Answer by  Anonymous

You should buy plane tickets 2 months prior to your vacation.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

This depends on how firm your plans are. If you have specific times you HAVE to go and difficult travel plans, and it's more important to get the specific flight you want than book as soon as you have your plans set. If you are more concerned with saving some money, try waiting for a last minute deal.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

For a specific event, as far ahead as you like, but consider travel insurance in the event that something happens, such as illness. Leave extra time to get there for a really important event.


Answer by  stphaniecostello87 (159)

That depends on what time of year you plan to travel. During peak times such as holidays and the summer vacation months buy tickets at least 3 months in advance.

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Answer by  JJ88 (91)

Buy your tickets as soon as you decide where you are going to go. Airlines and hotels sometimes charge very large amounts of money extra on bookings made within a month of a travel date. An exception to this is when you are traveling because a family or friend dies, airlines will give you a special rate if informed.


Answer by  joantheresa (1421)

Normally you can get a better price if you buy them as far ahead as possible, like at least three to four months.


Answer by  peces (109)

If you find a good price for tickets that fit your travel needs, it is best to buy as early as possible unless you anticipate a change in your plans.


Answer by  shonnieg (66)

I really think from experience of myself that you should at least plan to buy about tw weeks in advance especially if your going somewhere that people travel to the most


Answer by  justme21 (130)

The best rule of thumb is to book as far in advance as possible, preferably when airlines open the dates. Most airlines offer a refund if the fare goes down.


Answer by  Joanna (85)

If you want an active vacation with lots of outings and events it is best to book your plane tickets a couple of months in advance.


Answer by  Tallis (31)

Purchase tickets as far in advance as possible so you have time to scour the Internet for deals. You can sometimes find cheap fares at the last minute as well. However, I wouldn't recommend this unless you have no other recourse, especially during peak travel times.


Answer by  Mary57 (75)

A person should ideally purchase plane tickets three to six weeks before their flight to get the best deals. But deals can be had at any time.

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