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Question by  ArunVivek (143)

How do I pick a cheap flat screen television?

I need a flat screen television for my bedroom and do not want to spend a lot of money on one.


Answer by  Kassandra (203)

Whenever I want to purchase a high ticket item and I'm low on cash, I invariably turn to Craigs List. Many times you can find slightly used items for rock bottom prices, simply because someone needs to sell. Beyond that, and if you are only wanting a new one, try checking with Cosco on a regular basis.


Answer by  TGentry (59)

Consumer Reports had an issue with some really great info about such, which you could probably find online or in a library. Flat screens are generally better if they're a little big. Look at your selection. Choose the one with the highest refresh rate and highest pixel, for the lowest price. It should be listed on a tag or box.


Answer by  BobiNikolov (38)

First, you got to decide what size you want it to be. For a bedroom and price-wise, a 32 inch screen should do the work. Look for a TV without the usb ports, ethernet and so on new features that add to the price. Older models will cost you less.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

Discount stores are your best friend here. Try and pick a well known brand with a good manufacturer warranty attached to it.


Answer by  Dirk (39)

It depends on many factors. How big a screen? A small screen will be cheaper. Go for no name brands. Often they are the exact same TV as a name brand, but without the name. Shop online for best prices. Even better, buy a used one through local classifieds.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

I would recommend websites such as kijiji or craigslist. In addition, shop around at all of the major electronic stores (Futureshop, Best Buy, etc.). Hurry now, before the Christmas rush.


Answer by  stylechick (96)

Check your local flyers to see what is on sale each week. If you aren't concerned with quality, compare prices and options and buy the cheapest one at the price you want to pay. You can get the best deals during Superbowl and Black Friday.


Answer by  Kat123 (591)

It is not that hard now a days. Just go to your local electronics store. They have gone down drastically in price from just last year! Once $1000, now, most probably just $500.


Answer by  ulisses (291)

The first thing you do look at the price then you decide what inch the television is and the different things that the television has that is included.


Answer by  liljaba (33)

The best value for a High Definition television(in my opinion) is any Sony Bravia 46" inch or smaller. One can usually purchase this television for around $800,some may be cheaper by now, but I bought one a year ago for $1200, and they have really dropped in prices since then.

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