Question by  Courtney (19)

How does Bare Minerals work for melasma?


Answer by  errika69 (167)

Bare minerals make-up works very well for covering up imperfections. Melasma's a skin condition that occurs usually after hormonal changes such as pregnancy, sun exposure, hereditary factors, birth control usage,or side effects from certain medications. Bare minerals might be able to cover it, but you would be better off using a cream.


Answer by  ladysara (17)

Choose a Bare Minerals foundation that is closest to your skin where the Melasma does not exist. Swirl the brush in the Bare Minerals foundation. Tap the brush to remove excess. Then apply to melasma areas first, using a swirling motion. Several applications may be necessary. AS the final step, apply Mineral Veil to finish and set color.


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

They are pure natural and can hide melasma completely, meanwhile you feel very comfortable.They can also improve your skin quality and are very suitable for alergic persons.They are very popular all over the world.


Answer by  Sauve (435)

Bare minerals do not work for Melasma, they just cover up the Melasma on your skin, its is just a makeup which they claim work on the skin.


Answer by  KyleEkstrom (4)

Bare Minerals make sup can work very well for you if you have melasma. It will help to cover up skin imperfections with a natural look and feel.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well they actually cover all areas of the skin and they won't clog your pores or anything. They don't have oil so won't make the skin condition worse. I actually like it.

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