Question by  rocana (8)

How does an Inglis dryer stack up against more popular brands like Kenmore and Whirlpool?

I hadn't heard of it until we started shopping for our new home.


Answer by  kriggs1976 (58)

Since Inglis dryers are made by Whirlpool and often times they actually use the same parts as they do there is really small differences in the big scheme of things. However the one thing I do like the most is the price. Because it is a less popular name it is a smaller price tag as well.


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

Check, many of the off brands are manufactured by the larger companies and the only difference is the same its being sold as.


Answer by  mdharis88 (15)

Since Inglis dryer is not so popular name its cost is less than the cost of the popular brands like Whirpool and Kenmore.Thus it gets a demand in the marke.


Answer by  lexib228 (123)

As far as price it is a great buy, however, you will regret how much noise it makes during the running cycle.

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