Question by  turbotortoise (15)

How does a removable steering wheel work?

How does one work, and is it safe? I've seen kits and was thinking of installing one myself.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

These are useful if you're a race car driver, but you don't want to put one in your regular car. Instructions will come with the kit.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

A removable steering wheel comes in two parts. One part fixes to the steering hub. The other, with the wheel, fixes to the first part.


Answer by  abccraft (85)

When your hands get tired from too much driving. All you need to do is stop and properly replace the steering wheel (as the instructions show) with a different kind. Then go on your way feeling much better. You can make longer trips with fewer stops and in more comfort


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

There is simply a release that alows the steerin wheel to come off when you want to take it off. Yes they are safe. Not sure why you would want one unless you have some kind of race car you plan on putting it in. Hope you figure out what you want to do.


Answer by  deepa (82)

it is adjustable so that you can decide how you like it. it does not allow you to dangerous way. it is adjustable

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