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Question by  JohnG31 (47)

How do I fix a car steering wheel that is stuck?

I have an Altima.


Answer by  palmerino (637)

Could simply be the steering wheel lock. Grab the wheel and jerk it hard side to side while trying to turn the key. If this doesn't work then the ignition lock might have broken (this happened to my moms achieva). She had to replace the ignition lock (about a $300 job).


Answer by  worker8121 (244)

Most likely the wheel lock in the steering wheel is stuck. Disassemble the steering column and look for the binding part.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If the steering wheel is stuck either your suspension is bound or the wheel lock is jammed. If it's the lock then you will more than likely have to disassemble the column to fix it. However before doing this make sure that the key is in the proper position or try to wiggle the wheel as you turn the key.


Answer by  mjmoore023 (15)

It is in a bind. Try to hold the steering wheel all the way one direction while turning the ignition switch,you may have to move steering wheel back and forth.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If the steering wheel on your car seems to be stuck you will need to do a few things. First you will need to take off the current steering wheel that your have on the vehicle. You will then need to find the problem and fix it, and then put it back on.


Answer by  billyb (562)

a mechanic needs to look at it. the steering wheel is stuck because something is in a bind. let a mechanic look at it.

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