Question by  drumaway91 (12)

How do you write an outline?


Answer by  Tealparadise (245)

First, write down all of the very broad main points involved. Such as the Who, What, When, Where, and Why, if what you are writing is explanatory, or the beginning, middle, and end if you are writing a story. Then divide these catagories further. For an outline of a story, into things like scenes or characters, then a description.


Answer by  tom96 (95)

An outline should contain the key points you are trying to make in your piece of writing. A good outline would include perhaps one sentence introducing the topic, a sentence explaining what you would include in each paragraph of the body, and one for the conclusion. When presenting an outline, bullet points for each section can be effective.


Answer by  frank (279)

In writing an outline use only the key points of the artilce and then use subpoints to help expalin it. The points should be in subject form.


Answer by  88keys (55)

Start with the major points you want to make first. Use capital Roman numerals for this (I, II, III, IV). Then insert HOW you will make these points, using capital letters (A, B, C). Next, fill in your evidence, using lower-case roman numerals. Finally, if needed, add extra points, lower case letters. Then compile into your essay.


Answer by  sony448 (100)

First, you need to have a thesis statement. Once you have decided that, you can plan out your ideas into short paragraphs. Then you can combine them.


Answer by  boy (177)

An outline is to be a synopsis of a subject to aid in review of that subject for study or review. Start with a major point. Then list further points under that major point that help to define it. Letters and numbers begin each point. For example, A) North American Wild Cats 1) Puma 2) Bobcat 3) Lynx


Answer by  phantsy (105)

The simplest way to outline is list a subject for each paragraph that you'll write and then list 2-3 main points under each subject.


Answer by  TOANHPHM (27)

To make an outline, make sure you have written down all your ideas. You can double line it for reader to read it clearly.

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