Question by  AcroPilot (14)

How do you write a cover letter?


Answer by  Sean59 (63)

A cover letter should be a clearly-directed letter addressed to a potential employer. It should lay out the reasons why the writer has specifically chosen the position they are applying for. In addition, it should briefly highlight contributing experiences.


Answer by  chalyse (147)

First, address you letter to "Dear Hiring Manager" if you do not know who will be reading it. Then, introduce yourself and mention your strongest work experiences or skills. Be specific. Add another paragraph giving information about education, background, and interest in the position. Conclude with personal thanks for their time, and ask if you may call for an appointment.


Answer by  Jennifer08 (554)

A cover letter must be in a business format and give the employer reasons to look at your resume. It also needs to state that you will contact them.


Answer by  BoeZoe (136)

Cover letters most typically are written to direct enclosure(s) to a specific recipient; therefore, enumerating the complete list of enclosures is the general purpose of most cover letters. They serve as a summary of what was sent to a specified recipient.

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