Question by  froglady (14)

How do you work testing games?

I would like to get a job testing games.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

Game testers are usually Game Programmers as well. There are many new colleges offering this course. Game testers typically test alpha and beta versions to sniff out any known glitches, bugs etc and offer a report on how to fix said problems. This is actually a very technical and tech savvy job.


Answer by  Solomon89 (5)

You work testing games by playing the games and trying to find out if there are any bugs/glitches in the game and then take notes of them as you play.


Answer by  vaargen (83)

Your best bet is to apply to one of the big companies like EA. Remember that the work title is Quality Assurance.


Answer by  Vogin (108)

Basically, you get a beta version of a newly developed game and your job is to play it and look for mistakes.

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