Question by  Lucas29 (25)

How do you word a shower invitation?

It's a wedding shower.


Answer by  cowohhh (569)

you can always be very generic and say "please join us for a wedding/bridal shower honoring ____". Adding the name of the venue, time and date should suffice


Answer by  sarahdf (190)

First, and foremost, only invite people invited to the wedding. And, of course, include all information such as date, time and place as well as registry information.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First I would have someone draw an animated picture of a man & woman under an umbrella and gifts falling from the sky. Inside I would " Yes. its a wedding shower". List the time, date, place, where they're registered and who is holding the shower.


Answer by  Daria97 (18)

You should answer any questions that your guests will have about the event including who is hosting it, what is the purpose, where and when it will happen.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Look at pre-printed invitations online. Say "join us for a shower for Bride To-Be" and include when-where-time-RSVP contact and a map as needed.

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