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Question by  KatW (85)

How do you use the basic integral formulas?

I am not very good at math but am learning.


Answer by  boo10 (12)

A basic integral function describes the area that is covered by the function in the integral on the xy - axis. If the integral has limits (say a and b), then the function describes the area of the function on the xy-axis that is between the vertical lines x=a, x=b.


Answer by  UpwardBoundPrecalcTutor (128)

One uses these formulas to evaluate antiderivatives for indefinite integrals or to get fixed numbers (such as areas) as definiteintegrals. For example ⌡(x^n)dx = x^(n+1)+c is powerruleforintegrals, and definiteintegral ⌡{x=1tox=3}3x²dx=x^3{x=1tox=3}=3^3-1^3=9-1=8

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