Question by  kimecoe (19)

How do you treat a dog bite?

My dog bit me and broke the skin.


Answer by  Tram (30)

To treat a dog bite, I would first stop the bleeding and clean the area well. Next, I would put a cream like Neosporin and cover the bite area with a band-aid.


Answer by  preetha (49)

Clean the wound immediately with soap and water/alcohol. Put pressure on the wondu to prevent it from bleeding and cover with a clean bandage. Check for signs of infection like unusal swelling or redness. Get a tetanus shot if infection develops. And importantly check the rabies vaccine status of the dog.


Answer by  HGS73 (27)

If the dog only barely broke the skin and there is not danger of rabies wash it thoroughly with soap and water. Apply antibiotic cream and cover with bandage.


Answer by  LaNa20 (6)

Squeeze the wound first with as much blood as you can release, settle it in clean running water for 15 minutes, then go to the hospital for the shot.


Answer by  Allycat50 (6)

Just put ice pressure and bandages :)

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