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Question by  bob69 (82)

How do you throw a slider, a change up, a curve and a sinker?

Obviously I want to be a pitcher but I don't know a lot yet.


Answer by  Tank (539)

Slider- fingers together on right seam, whip it slightly. Change- make a circle on side of ball, throw. Curve- index and middle finger together, use thumb to rate towards sky


Answer by  Alex1880 (23)

Curve is two fingers held on seam. Slider is like curve, but across seams. Make circle with thumb and pointer to throw change. Sinker is more pressure on first finger.


Answer by  joe525 (67)

There are different ways to hold the ball for each pitch. I would suggest you go on a website and look at the images.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

All of these pitches need a certain grip to the ball, as well as the motion in your arm and shoulder change with each of the four pitches mentioned that you want to throw.


Answer by  tim35 (162)

In order to throw a multitude of pitches, one must know how to properly hold the baseball. Different finger grips produce different pitches and different movements of the ball.


Answer by  johnwayne (130)

If you're just wanting to become a pitcher, stay away from pitches like the slider, curveball, and any other breaking balls. They will do nothing but hurt you if you try to throw them before you are ready. The most important thing is to learn to gain excellent control of your fastball before moving onto other pitches.


Answer by  Tom57 (113)

Different pitchers are thrown with different grips. A sinker is achieved with a two seam fastball. A curve and slider is done by putting your index/middle finger on one of the seams and snapping your wrist. A change-up is done by choking the ball farther in your hand.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

All of these pitches have to do with how your grip the ball, and how you turn your wrist when you throw it.


Answer by  brandenpal123 (1)

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