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Question by  roberta (45)

How do you thread a Singer sewing machine?

I can't find the owner's manual.


Answer by  Petalmaker1 (263)

Bobbin must be full. Thread cotton on spindle around and through eyelets and around tension plates, then through eyelet that moves up and down. One more eyelet to stabilize cotton and finally thread needle from front to back. Turn wheel so that thread catches bobbin thread, pull through and sew.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

There are different types of singer sewing machines, so there are different ways to thread the different machine models. You can contact the company, let them know the model number and request an owner's manual.


Answer by  Qwitzon (578)

From the top (thread) pull the thread over to the front of the machine, through loop on the front of the machine. (This is not the needle, it's above the needle.) Now take the thread back to the back of the machine (sorry, how this goes is machine dependent-- but should seem "natural") From the back, go to the needle.

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