Question by  artieshaw (12)

How do you test a child for giftedness?

I know my child has developed early and is extremely smart for her age. I want to test her in some way to see the results.


Answer by  maber (1427)

IF your child is already attending school, then you can speak with the guidance councelor about having them tested for gifted. They look at the child's standardized test scores, what the teachers have to say about how your child is doing, and also a psychological exam is given to your child.


Answer by  codyligon (107)

To test a gifted child, two tests are commonly accepted, IQ and achievement tests. IQ tests look for a child's ability, achievement tests a child's current knowledge state.


Answer by  Juneh (104)

If you believe your child is gifted the first point of call should be to see a psychologist who is qualified to use professional methods of assessment.


Answer by  lam (184)

You can be tested for giftedness through the guidance office at her elementary school. When I was in second grade I took the IQ test in order to determine if I was gifted. Recently, a co-worker had her daughter tested for giftedness through the school's guidance office where she also took an IQ test.

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