Question by  dreamer0716 (28)

How do you tell a friend who is suffocating you that you would just like to be alone?

My friend comes over EVERY DAY. and it really bothers me they don't take the hint when i say i have homework to do or that i don't feel well. I have tried being honest and telling them I just want to be left alone but they get so mad. about. it


Answer by  nasajd (49)

Generally the best way to inform a friend of anything is for you to be polite, but direct. Some people can't take hints that you provide, so you could lie with something such as "My aunt is staying over for the week, and my mom asked you not come over".

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That might not work so well... haha i live by myself.  add a comment

Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Your actions need to back up your words. If your friend comes by on Monday, when the visit is over suggest they come back on Thursday. If they come back before then, open the door, say, "I'll see you on Thursday," and then shut the door.

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