Question by  Pals (28)

How do you talk to boys?

I am very shy and need help talking to boys.


Answer by  Anonymous

Things to talk about, your day, gifts, friends, family, your backround and you can ask them things like where are you from? when did you get here? do you like _______? and then give your opinion. its really easy to talk to people but just remember to live your life!


Answer by  phatmaxk90 (146)

open up random convos.. i've been randomly asked questions by females and ended up talking deeply about things.. and as far as the "klee-shays" go, i don't like being asked questions about myself.. ask him about material things like where'd he get that hat, shoes, shirt, or something.. Just talk!!!..


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

Ask them about themselves! Most boys like to talk about themselves, and find it easier. Pay attention to what he is interested in, and ask him about it! It will help if you know a bit about the topic, so you can ask good questions.


Answer by  spragoo (1500)

What a lot of young girls don't realize is that it is very intimidating for a boy to go up to a girl he likes. Sometimes if you like the boy you might have to make the first step. This might sound weird, but just go up to him and say, "hi-my name is (your name here). Try it!

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