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Question by  kittenbz (18)

What should I get a 16 year old boy for his birthday?

My nephew is having a sweet sixteen party, and I have no idea what boys that age are in to.


Answer by  Anonymous

get him a laptop or rent a movie theater for a couple hours and then have him and his friends play xbox or psp1 psp2, or psp3 or if there is one psp4 idk im really out of it, and have him and his friends play onTHE BIG SCREEN


Answer by  Anonymous

i turn 16 soon and i think a good gift would be an ipod touch and if you boy already has one talk to some other relatives he will be driving soon and all of yall pitch in to get him his first car jus get insurance lol


Answer by  sundayReed (62)

Give him a sports car. If you want to be cheap just get him a 6 pack, that'll get him ready for college


Answer by  Teenmom (298)

Boys this age have everything and are hard to buy for. My advice is to get a gift card to an electronics store. That way he can get a video game that he does not have, or put a few gift cards together to get a big ticket item that he has been wanting.


Answer by  anneb (123)

If your nephew already has an iPod, you could get him a iTunes gift card, or better yet, get him gift certificates for gas--he'll need them!


Answer by  edbeale (40)

At that age, the best thing to get him would probably be something like a $50-$100 gift card to BestBuy or something like a Gift Visa. It shows him that you know he's getting older and can make his own decisions on what he wants.


Answer by  jmansfie (282)

Video games are a safe bet for sixteen year olds. Otherwise, buy him clothes or a gift card to somewhere "safe" like BestBuy or Target.


Answer by  khgore (124)

Depending what your nephew is interested in but boys his age are more high tech savvy anything from an ipod to a gps. If they are into online games you should buy him World of Warcraft if he already has the game give him a 60 Day Prepaid time card.


Answer by  Samea (33)

Commonly in this age boy wants to do some new. They look thrill in every thing. You can give him ps3,he will be very happy to get it. He can play this with his friends. He can. It's a good gift for your nephew on his sixteen birthday.

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