Question by  mama65 (28)

How do you stop a toddler from touching his private parts?

My son touches his private parts a lot, no matter where we are.


Answer by  Beth77 (49)

This is perfectly normal behaviour. Let him know that he should do it in a private place like his bedroom. Do not punish or chastise him!


Answer by  Duchess (48)

If the concern is a public display, try simply explaining that he should only do this kind of touching in his bedroom.


Answer by  cacp9urple (78)

It is very normal for a child to touch thier private parts. Explain to him that what he is doing is fully acceptable but needs to be done in private.


Answer by  glow (120)

It's best not to give him the idea that this behavior is inherently bad or shameful, but rather continually reinforce that the behavior is only to be done when in private.

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