Question by  Tadeuszzzz (37)

How do you set up a PayPal donation button on a website?


Answer by  MaTwosey (332)

The button is set up through your PayPal account. Visit the PayPal site and roll over the "Get Paid" option. Click "fundraise". You will have the option of creating a HTML code that can be copied and pasted onto your website and used to take credit card donations


Answer by  jules45 (168)

You need to go to the Paypal site, where you can get the HTML coding to paste onto your web site.


Answer by  cubbykatz (293)

Once you log into PayPal click on "Merchant Services" then click on "Donate" under the category "Create Buttons. " This will generate the HTML to place on your site for you.


Answer by  cubbykatz (293)

Once you are logged into your PayPal account click on the "Merchant Services" tab, and then click on the link to create a donate button. Then simply follow the directions.


Answer by  MikeyJ (123)

Copy and paste the code provided on PayPal's web site. You will have to creat a PayPal account if you do not already have one.


Answer by  snceflyf (448)

Sign into your PP account. Click the Merchant Services tab and under Create Buttons, click Donate. You will be given some options for the type of button that you want. After choosing your options, the site will generate html for the button. This code can be added to you website.


Answer by  hagenal (22)

Paypal will give out the HTML code. You copy and paste it to your site. The donors click on the button to release the funds.

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