Question by  Skiz (56)

How do you set a Verizon LG to where you can not access manner mode?

For the third time since I got this phone I have been stuck in manner mode.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

Learn how to use your phone. Read the manual and know how to turn the phone into an out of manner mode. You generally can't just disable a feature on the phone because you don't understand it. Though you could always get a Jitterbug.


Answer by  JohnPants (140)

Setting a Verizon LG with no access to the manner mode is tough. Usually the manner mode is set as a sort of parental control to keep children away from where they shouldn't be. If you reset the settings, though, you can access the Verizon LG.


Answer by  PhonePerson (120)

If you have an LG6000 hold the star button. Silent Mode Activated will be displayed then wait and hold the star button again. If you have further problems than a visit or a call to Verizon should be made. If it is stuck in manner mode reseting the phone through Settings should help.

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