Question by  worker5511 (12)

How do you replace the hose door on a frigidaire?

I need to replace a hose door on my Frigidaire.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

In both refrigerators and dishwashers, leaks in the doors can happen due to breakdown in gaskets or leaks in supply hoses. It is best to replace the hose, gasket, and any springs. Remove the door by undoing bolts/springs connected, and then replace the hoses and sealing gasket around the door.


Answer by  wykd (54)

Open the door and locate the plastic coupling connecting the hose to the door. Loosen the coupling completely. Use a common screwdriver to pry the plastic cover hiding the bracket connecting the door to the fridge and remove all screws. Lift the door up and remove. Installation is the reverse of this procedure.


Answer by  balaji7hills (35)

First on outside of bellow that is were door Closes look very closely and you will seeasmall wire that goes aroundand bellow holding it. take a flat head screw driver work it under the wire and lift it until it is easy to grab and pull it off. second take baellow off and push it in the washer.

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