Question by  MariangelaG (25)

How do you replace t-111 siding on a house?

I need to replace the siding on my house.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

You will need to take off the original siding starting from the bottom of the house and moving upwards. Once off you will need to make sure that the foundation is in good shape or make necessary repairs. You will then install the new T-111 from top to bottom putting nails in every 2 feet down the siding.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

Remove the old siding and make note of how it was put on. When you have it all removed, but the new siding in place, making sure to mimic the old siding. Then just nail it all in place.


Answer by  bb300 (110)

a person has to be very carefull in removing the siding. sometime the staples or nails will not come out easily.


Answer by  Homepro6885 (192)

Take it off the house and replace with new. If the t-111 is not real bad you could put vinyl siding over top of it.


Answer by  billyb (562)

you need to measure the total amount of siding to be used. when removing the old siding,be carefull not to distrurb underboard.

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