Question by  BrianV (11)

How does Bardie Backerboard stack up against other types of siding?

We wan to replace on aluminum siding.


Answer by  JoshuaPridgen (8)

Hardie siding can be selected to match a specific climate. Hardie siding products are non-combustible and resistant to windblown debris. Hardie warranties their siding products against rot, warping and delamination and Hardie siding can even be installed to resist hurricane force winds up to 150 MPH.


Answer by  JoMon (17)

You are looking for Hardie Board which is typically nicer looking than aluminum siding but about twice the cost to install. You can paint to your liking.


Answer by  paulinthesky (12)

Bardie Backerboard is by far the best. The siding company sure knew what is was doing when it used Bardie Backerboard because my new aluminum siding looks better then my old rusty siding.


Answer by  cdonz (80)

Bardie Backerboard is one of the best siding types out there. I f you want a durable and great siding ,certainly give this a look. I have it on my house and it works like a charm. I love Bardie Backerboard.

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