Question by  babzini (14)

Do I need a house wrap behind vinyl siding?

I am going to install vinyl siding onto my house and was not sure if I have to wrap the house before hand or not.


Answer by  arcitec (78)

A typical house wrap, often referred to as a moisture barrier, is required behind vinyl siding. Tyvek is a common manufacturer, who offers several different products specific to the climate and application type. The house wrap is moisture permeable, as it allows water vapor to pass through, eliminating the build up of moisture within the wall, which leads to mold.

Reply by beezplace5911 (0):
I was told by my local inspector that the town of Shiloh, IL did not require a house wrap until after 2002 and the house was built in 2002, what can I do to verify and get woork accomplished at a fair price or get the builder to do it  add a comment

Answer by  Jimmy67 (6)

You should apply the wrap, this will boost your homes insulation and also work as a moisture barrier. Also when putting up your siding make sure you have a solid surface to apply to. Make sure if your house has any pre-applied siding to remove it and then wrap it.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Yes. It is always wise to wrap the structure before adding any sort of siding no matter what type of siding you intend to install. The wrap will serve several purposes which are often overlooked. The wrap will serves as a moisture barrier as well as sound proofing. The extra layer also shields against pests

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