Question by  rema (36)

How do you repair a Mercury outboard motor?


Answer by  Morcaden (32)

First decide whether or not you want to do the repair youself,or have a Specialist do it. If you decide to do the work yourself, then there are manuals that can be found online, or at your local automotive supply store. If you prefer to have a specialist do the work, then consult your local yellowpages for a Marine Specialist.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

This really depends on what is wrong with the motor. The first thing you should do is check the spark plug for gunk buildup, then check the oil and fuel level.


Answer by  boater (10)

Look for the serial number of the motor, which is usually printed on a plate or label. Then buy a repair manual for that particular motor. Use a camera to document each step as you take the motor apart, and use small trays to keep screws and small parts both separate and clean.


Answer by  gcmeyer2 (787)

It is quite difficult to know how to repair when you don't know what is wrong. You'll need to find a Mercury repair shop.


Answer by  Bob8478 (1040)

I am in the habit of constantly having to fix my Mercury outboard motors. In order to fix them you have to first pull them out of the water or off a boat in the water. Take it to a Mercury dealer and they will repair it.

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