Question by  bsneed (20)

How do you repair a leaky motorcycle fuel tank?


Answer by  dganir (39)

Very simple steps- 1. Drain the fuel and remove fuel line from fuel tank 2. Remove fuel tank from motorcycle. 3. Remove fuel tank and allow it to vent with cap off or opened. 4. Remove rust. Pour contaminated thinner,nuts, bolts. 5. Apply epoxy sealer. 6. Replace the fuel tank.


Answer by  Devadath (35)

Remove the fuel tank from the motorcycle and check for leaks. locate the leaks and seal them. Repair the dents and scratches by applying bondo using a plastic scraper. Sand the bondo using hand sander. Then apply primer to your gas tank.


Answer by  swamisarge (283)

Proper repair is best left to professionals. Autoparts suppliers have gasoline tolerant sealants as a temporary fix. Remove and drain tank, scuff area around leak and apply as directed.


Answer by  sunitadas (121)

Defuel the fuel tank, remove it from motorcycle and remove its retainer bolt. Remove any rust or dirt, pour any thinner, shake and drain out. Dry and replace the tank.


Answer by  brp (10)

If the motorcycle fuel tank in metal, you must drain it, clean it out, and weld it. If the tank is plastic, there is no way to repair, replace it.


Answer by  19621205 (15)

If you are still miles away from any motorcycle shop, look for a store and buy laundry soap. Patch the leak with the soap to temporarily stop the leakage.

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