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Question by  worker90 (21)

How do you remove upper lip hair?


Answer by  Merzkiyi (604)

Waxing is the quickest, easiest way. You can buy home kits from anywhere that sells beauty products or go to a salon. There are also depilatory creams like Nair that remove the hair chemically. Plucking the hairs out with tweezers works too but is slow to do.


Answer by  noey1958 (1405)

There are several ways to do this. One is bleach. Another is pluck but it hurts! One is electrolosis which is expensive and lastly wax at home or salon.


Answer by  Jenna (587)

An easy and fast way to remove upper lip hair is by going to a location that does threading. This is relatively cheap and painless.


Answer by  Mac44 (479)

There are several methods for removing upper lip hair, some better than others. The easiest, but most temporary methods, are to pluck the hair with tweezers or wax it off yourself or at a spa. If you have the money, you can permanently remove the hair via electrolysis or laser hair removal.


Answer by  malpoa (363)

The hair on the upper lip can be removed by Waxing. The hair starts regrowing after a few weeks. You can also remove the hair by threading where the hair regrows within a week. Shaving is another option to remove hair on upper lip. One can also go for plucking to remove unwanted hair.


Answer by  kayk (40)

Never shave the upper lip hair it will only lead to darker hair growing.The best way to remove it is by waxing or threading. Threading is the least expensive method.


Answer by  alz (2329)

You can go to a trusted nail salon and have them wax it, similar to what they do for your eyebrows. It is quick and effective. If you want to avoid that, you can just bleach it. Bleaching will not get rid of the hair but it will make it less noticeable.

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