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Question by  wardray (13)

How should I go about legally refusing to pay a credit card debt?


Answer by  Chrisme (94)

First you want to make sure you don't owe any taxes. Get a certified lawyer not a accountant to plead your case against the credit card company. Make sure you have proof of the reasons you can't pay off your dept. Make sure thecompany you have the credit card with is not the one you bank with.


Answer by  captain715 (25)

First, I would check out the credit card laws in your state. If you have a valid legal claim then I would notify them or get a lawyer.


Answer by  arpitbathma01 (262)

you can approach to lawyer and can prove in the court that you did not have enough money to repay your debts. If your lawyer successfully prove it in court then government will legally allow you to refuse to pay your credit card debt.


Answer by  Patrick (37)

Make sure that you put your reason in writing to the credit card company. It is not illegal to not pay the credit card debt because it is a civil issue. You can be taken to court, but it is not illegal.

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