Question by  bidibidus (55)

How do you reference a textbook in MLA style?


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

In the paper's body, cite the textbook with the author(s) and page number, just as if it were any other book. If there are more than three authors, it is okay to write one with "et al." In the bibliography, write out the information the way you would do for any other book.


Answer by  cuteangel79 (57)

create a page giving all sources or references on it at the end of paper. Then put notations or number at each reference, giving the reader a clear connection to list. Use the following format authors last name, first name, book title, city publication, publisher followed by the year.


Answer by  aadams (19)

Last name of author, his/her first name. Textbook title (underlined or italicized). Edition #. City of publication: publisher's name, date of publication.

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