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Question by  wwwilly (128)

How do you read the body language of a flirting person?

I think he's flirting with me, but I'm not sure.


Answer by  Lorazapam (13)

Is the person is smiling at you, leaning in towards you, possibly touching your arm and looking you in the eyes. Another sign is the amount of small talk that is taking place. Is the person taking interest in what you are saying?? These are all good indicators of someone flirting with you.


Answer by  cosmo (204)

If you think he is flirting with you - he probably is! Goods signs that he is flirting are: making eye contact with you and holding it for a few seconds. Also, touching your arms while talking.


Answer by  JumboCow (217)

If a person is flirting with you they will make lots of eye contact and will make physical contact as often as they can, such as touching your arm, leg or hand if you tell a joke. Women may also "expose" their neck and wrists to a man.

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