Question by  Ralph98 (12)

What is the definitive book on body language?

I want to learn about how to read body language.


Answer by  Jessaline (26)

Ironically, "The Definitive Book on Body Language" by Barbara Pease and Allan Pease, is available. However, it's written from the perspective of a business executive. If you want a beginner's course, that is informative as well as easy to read, I'd recommend "Complete Idiot's Guide to Body Language" by Peter A Anderson.


Answer by  jimcwriting (219)

The easiest answer to that is "The Definitive Book of Body Language" by Barbara and Allan Pease. Reader surveys show that people are happy with it. Also popular is "What Every BODY is Saying" which was written by an ex-FBI agent.


Answer by  yusedalready (92)

The Definitive Book of Body Language was written by Allan and Barbara Pease in 2006. You can get a copy from Amazon for about $16. You might also like to check out books by Paul Ekman.


Answer by  shilquen (88)

Anything by Paul Ekman is excellent, notably his book "Telling Lies". He is the definitive all time authority on body language.

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