Question by  thecircuitree (11)

How do you properly do makeup?

My makeup always comes out looking weird.


Answer by  instakarma (51)

The key to applying make-up is to go basic. Get a concealer that actually matches your skin tone and use that first. Then use an all over tint instead of a heavy foundation. As far as eye make-up, go for softer colours instead of bright colours (of course, everything is relative to your skin tone).


Answer by  DeAngelo (39)

First apply your foundation evenly. Then brush light amount of concealing powder. Next apply a primer on your eyelids to ensure that your eyeshadow lasts all day. Liquid concealer will do as a primer. Choose a combination of eyeshadows that fit your mood. Apply the lighter shade to the innermost part and work outward. Finish up with linner and mascara.


Answer by  Nastic87 (96)

if your makeup looks weird try these tips: moisturize your face before applying foundation, apply makeup in good light, use powder after foundation, try oil free mineral makeup which last longer


Answer by  adsactress (5)

If you mean foundation, go to a department store and have an expert color match you to the correct shade. And they can show you tricks to do it correctly.

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