Question by  muzikpimp420 (21)

How do you prevent ingrown hairs in your bikini line?

I get really bad ingrown hairs in my bikini line that become infected.


Answer by  LauraB (14)

To prevent ingrown hairs always shave in the same direction the hair grows. Shaving the opposite way will cause further painful, ingrown hairs. Hold a hot compress on ingrown areas for 15 minutes a day, which can relieve pain. Exfoliating the area and moisturizing can help prevent future problems.

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Answer by  karebeer (429)

I would wax then put on lotion! You could also do electrolysis! I wouldnt shave if i have ingrown hairs that would just make it worse!


Answer by  Gabrielle (66)

Their are many ways to do this how ever the best way is to use a heated shaving lotion because it opens the clogged hair follicles resolving the issue at hand.


Answer by  ZenHaltija (286)

To prevent ingrown hairs that grow within the bikini line you must shave the area that becomes infected correctly. Try applying a thin layer of vaseline fifteen minutes before shaving, rinse, and add a hot rag to the area to "open" the pores for safer shaving.

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