Question by  iowatech (78)

How do you prepare to be a respite for foster care children?

I know foster parents need a break every once in a while.


Answer by  sarah1967 (626)

To do respite care for foster children you must contact the agency you would like to work for. They will provide training,do background checks on your family and do a home-study on your home. This takes any where from three to six months to complete.


Answer by  LadyFosterCare (5)

Respite for foster children require the same certification process as foster parents go through. Thus, you must contact your states Department of Children and Family Services.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

Specific arrangements should be agreed like when the foster child would arrive and when she or he would be picked up. Moreover, daily needs should be enough like clothing.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

You would probably have to get a certification to do it, but it would be worthwhile. Foster parents I am sure need people to help them to be able to get away for a while, to get their thoughts together.

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