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Question by  twest (28)

How do you make your own cross stitching patterns?

I love to cross stitch and would like to make my own designs.


Answer by  luv2stitch (7)

You will need to transfer the image that you want to create to a grid pattern. You can lay a piece of graph paper over a picture and trace, use Excel to create the image or simply draw the image on graph paper. The image on graph paper then becomes your pattern.


Answer by  YarnGirl (333)

If you have a graphics program like Photoshop this is easy. You just take the image you want to cross stitch and use the pixillate filter on it. If not, draw your image out and then trace the outlines onto graph paper, coloring the squares in to match your drawing.


Answer by  Mariella (6)

There are many ways to go about designing cross-stitch patterns, but my personal favorite would be the old-fashioned way. With graph paper and a pencil, sketch out your design, outlining any corresponding squares. Then, get some colored pencils and fill in each square with the color you want. Draw the symbols that you're comfortable with for any special stitches. Ta-da!


Answer by  HEAJG (500)

Well it's pretty simple. Start by drafting out your sketches onto tracing paper. Start by looking at common stitching patterns. You want to make sure that your stitch is different and unique in many ways. So what you can do is basically design something that is a cross blend and then try to sell your idea.

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