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Question by  Pacman (23)

How do you make peanut brittle candy?

I love peanut brittle.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

You can google a lot of recipes, or Joy of Cooking cookbook is always good. It's very easy, it's just cooking sugar till it carmelizes. You have to be very careful, sugar burns VERY easily and is a smelly, awful mess if it does. Best done with a double boiler.


Answer by  Ama (101)

Cook white sugar, light corn syrup, salt and a little water to hard boil stage. Mix in peanuts, butter and baking soda. Pour onto a greased sheet and cool.


Answer by  candyqueen (5)

Peanut brittle is a candy made by boiling sugar, water, corn syrup, and raw peanuts until it reaches around 300F. Be sure to find a good recipe and be patient.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

There are many recipes on the internet on making peanut brittle. I made it a few times as gifts. You need peanuts, Karo Clear syrup, sugar and a candy thermometer a large cookie sheet with sides and a frig big enough to fit the cookie sheet.

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