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Question by  Pancho16 (10)

How do you make marble roller coasters?

I think this would be a fun activity to do with my children.


Answer by  Jmccray (6)

An easy way to make marble roller coasters is to use toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. Cut the cardboard from the rolls in half lengthwise. You can use this as a track by taping the ends together to make the track twisty for the marble.


Answer by  cassiopoeia (54)

Cut used paper towel rolls in half lengthwise. In pairs, about 1.5' apart, hot glue a series of varying-height dowels with the beginning higher than the end, in a 'roller-coaster' pattern along a 1x4 length of wood. Hot glue the halved tubes to the dowel tops. Start the marbles at the highest point and let them roll!


Answer by  AKM79 (330)

A marble roller coaster can be made of copper pipe insulation tubing, tooth picks, and masking tape. It is the goal to make inclines and declines with the tubing. Be creative, the tubing can also be the foundation to the roller coaster. Tooth picks and tape will help secure it.

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