Question by  elsewhen (627)

Would a great amusement park ever get boring, even if you went day after day after day?

or are great roller coasters one of those things that never gets old?


Answer by  penrose (235)

i think it would depend on the person. i love trying new things, but get bored after awhile, so for me, even the greatest amusement park would get boring after a few days. i think some people would actually get into all the nuance and become amusement park connaisseurs.


Answer by  lindsay (111)

Reminds me of a book I read, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, where lots of people actually lived/volunteered at DisneyWorld. I think I could totally get into that, as long as I had the internets as well!


Answer by  JYas (68)

For me, I would get bored after a few days. I think just the familiarity of being in the same place every day would be boring. I think there are so many other thrills in live besides roller coasters and amusement parks that once or twice a year is enough for me.


Answer by  foodie (30)

Roller coaster rides are great thrills for everyone, however I believe it would not be nearly so much fun if you went to the park very day. I enjoy having a bit of concern about the unknown, will this ride be thrilling, scary or just fun. If you regularly went on the rides this bit of mystery is removed.


Answer by  YellowCar (87)

A great amusement park would get boring if you went every day, but it would become an issue of allegiance, which would do something to alleviate the boredom. You would think to yourself, 'This is getting boring. But the alternative? Not being in an amusement park all day?' Other people would be having fun outside, and you would despise them.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes it would get boring


Answer by  warthog (11)


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