Question by  natureguru (23)

How do you make homemade lanterns out of canning jars?

I have seen pictures of them in magazines but I can not find directions on how to make them.


Answer by  chiquitalinda (66)

For the most basic lanterns, wrap a loop made of wire (available at any craft or hardware store) around the outside lip of the jar, twist to secure it, and then make another loop attached to the first (in two places) to hang it.


Answer by  taricha (84)

Mix Elmer's glue with water to make a homemade modge podge. Tear tissue paper up into pieces, then use modge podge to glue the paper onto the jar.


Answer by  Daeny (5)

Wrap wire around the lip of the jar, and hang it from your desired location, place a candle inside the jar and light it. Works great with colored and clear.


Answer by  vangie (118)

Draw shapes on jar. Use an electric jigsaw to cut out designs. Choose a theme, decorate the outside and pour sand to hold candle in the middle of the jar.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

Get several canning jars with lids, some hooks with threaded ends, some bolts that fit the hooks, candles that fit inside the jars, and paint. Paint the lids the color you want, screw the hooks through the jars, attach bolts for tight fit, add candle, light, and hang.

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