Question by  lavanya (25)

How do you make fried rice?

Do you boil it first?


Answer by  lou (792)

Fried rice is made with cold, cooked rice. Fry cooked rice in a small amount of hot oil, add thinly sliced vegetables and cooked meat. Season with soy sauce.


Answer by  cello (56)

Boil rice according to directions on the box. Scramble an egg and dice it up. Thaw out some peas. Heat up a frying pan and add your rice, egg, and peas into the pan and add some soya sauce for flavour and colour. Stir to heat through, and serve.


Answer by  caylascreations78 (489)

Yes, you boil the rice first. However, you put it in the refrigerator and make sure it is cooled before cooking so it is not sticky.

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