Question by  bjc (354)

How do you make corned beef hash from scratch?


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

You get a corned beef and cook it til done. In the mean time cook red potatoes with the skins on. Make sure they are washed off. When the beef is done put it through a meat grinder along with the potatles and 1 med onion. Cook as wished.


Answer by  jangm96 (899)

Combine 6 large peeled and diced potatoes, 1 (12) ounce can corned beef cut into chunks, 1 medium onion chopped and 1 cup beef broth in a large deep skillet. Cover and simmer until potatoes are tender enough for mashing and liquid is almost all gone. Stir well and serve.


Answer by  Cathie (670)

Take cooked corned beef and cube it. Cook a few potatoes, cool and cube them. Dice 1 medium onion and mix all together with a little salt and pepper. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry up your mixture until browned. Easy and delicious!

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