Question by  ginsean (1)

I'm making a crocheted queen size afghan but I'm not making squares. How big would I need it for a queen size bed?

I need dimensions. I chained over 300 and am DC each row. Will I be doing the true dimensions of a queen size bed or afghan?


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

Measure and make sure that your afghan is at least 60" wide. If you want some overhang, then you need maybe 72" wide. As for length, you need at least 80" for a queen, but for a fold, and to go over a pillow, you may want to add 10 or more inches.


Answer by  CGrandbois (12)

A quuen sized mattress is 60" wide by 80" long. It is impossible to give dimensions without knowing hook size or yarn type. You will need to measure your work.

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