Question by  dakmor (35)

How do you make a no sew fleece poncho with fringe?

I love the look of the now sew ponchos but can not seem to make one.


Answer by  January (21)

I would just make a smaller sized fleece blanket like you normally would and when you get finished cut a whole in the middle of it and wear the same way as the poncho. I would also suggest sewing the two fabrics together where you cut the whole so they don't continue to come apart.


Answer by  dubhreubel (501)

Fleece doesn't fray, so buy the fleece you want, cut it into a square shape, and cut a circular hole in the middle for your head. After that is done you need to cut the fringe: Make a cut 3 inches deep into the edge, repeat every 1/2 inch around.


Answer by  Imogen (165)

Measure your arm span, fingertips to finger-tips. Cut square of no-fray fleece; diametre should equal measured distance. Snip fringe in fleece. Cut T shaped opening for head.


Answer by  CatherineKlay (440)

Buy a square of no-fray fleece. It should be wide enough to span both your arms when unfolded. Here's the most important part: do NOT cut a "circle" out for you head... just cut a slot shaped like the capital T (head opening & "neck"). Start small; you can always cut larger. Then clip around the edge for the fringe.

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