Question by  dbrent24 (32)

How do you make a backhand in tennis?


Answer by  BilWitters (436)

A backhand is performed while hitting a ball on the opposite side of you dominant hand. This stroke can be performed with one hand or a two handed stroke.


Answer by  Patrick7 (106)

Most beginners start with a two-handed backhand. If you're right-handed and the ball is hit to your left, grip the racket with your left hand under your right hand. Step forward with your right foot and hit the ball just like a forehand.


Answer by  asjdksajkd (10)

To make a backhand in tennis, you must first have a tennis racket. When the ball is coming at you, you have to swing the racket from behind you at your non dominant hand.


Answer by  rhelms10 (310)

Making a backhand in tennis is accomplished by holding the tennis raquet in your hand with the palm facing inward. You swing the racket away from yourself and towards the tennis ball.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

A backhand is when you flip your wrist of your main hand so that you are reaching in an opposite direction than normal and hitting with opposite side of racket.

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