Question by  mbtoda (106)

How do you litter box train a bunny?

It is a New Zealand dwarf bunny.


Answer by  bvaniea (312)

You start with the rabbit restricted to a small area with the litter box until it goes in the box reguarly. Then you would slowly expand the area making sure it continues to go in the same place.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

To litter train you New Zealand dwarf rabbit, start at an adult age. Take notice where, in their cage, they tend to drop stool. This is where you place a corner cut litter pan. Once they continue using the pan, place a pan in one chosen room in your home.


Answer by  Kay67 (122)

I was lucky, the first time I put a litter box in a corner of my rabbit's cage, they knew. However if your rabbit isn't as quick then move the box around until it learns. You may even want to put a few droppings into the box so it understands. Also, being spayed or neutered does help, and be patient!


Answer by  ThugPlantLife (79)

Put down 3-4 litterboxes where your rabbit likes to go to the bathroom, and put some fresh hay in each one. Take them away one by one after he chooses.


Answer by  rka285 (45)

In order to train your rabbit in a litter box,first you need to consider all the things that you need in training your pet.These are litter box,vinegar for easy clean up,and a bunny safe litter for the box.

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