Question by  Paul67 (22)

How do you know if you have powers?

I think that I have some special powers and would like to be certain.


Answer by  Li (95)

Find a way to test them - safely! In other words, if you think you can fly, start from the ground, not a roof, etc. Having proved these powers to yourself, then try in front of neutral observers. Do as much testing as possible. If really certain, contact James Randi's Institute - there is a million dollar prize for special abilities.


Answer by  ParrotPirate (477)

You don't. Paranormal abilities do not exist. There has never been anyone proved through scientific testing to have "special powers" of any kind. In fact, scientific testing has actually disproved dozens if not hundreds of paranormal claimants. If you really want to be tested,contact the James Randi Educational Foundation. There are people there who can advise you.

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