Question by  Abs (26)

How do I prevent small power surges in my house?

I keep having power surges in my home and have been told there is a way to prevent them.


Answer by  mousey (30)

If you keep electric plugged into the wall when not in use then unplub them. Air conditioners and TV's when plugged into the same outlet can over load the circuit so use a surge protector with high power protection for electrics like appliances or the aforementioned.


Answer by  temporarilyunemployed (42)

Ask your power company if they offer the surge protector mounted with the meter. And, you can plug a surge protector into your house breaker panel—this device will take up two slots in the breaker panel. Other solutions require an electrician for work on or near the breaker panel.


Answer by  resolutionimage (23)

Power surges can be prevented using a serge protection power extension unit or for the whole house a higher KVA stabliser can be used based on the power consumtion.


Answer by  maber (1427)

Power surges, small or not, are a major concern in your home and you should have it corrected immediatly. You should call a licensed contractor to come and evaluate the wiring and other electrical componets of the home. If there are any problems, the electrician will then be able to fix it for you.

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