Question by  grininggopher (22)

How do you kill collembola?

I need to kill collembola.


Answer by  Tessninky (224)

The best way to kill these little mites is to purchase liquids from your vet that, when applied to the animal, kills them quickly.

Reply by joanypinter (1):
what liquids from the vet to kill collombolla?  add a comment

Answer by  aws22 (5)

Keep the humidity down as low as possible in your home. Salt baths work. It dries them out. Oil will smother them.


Answer by  Anonymous

Malethion in pump sprayer with canola oil and water to spray lawn around the house.


Answer by  lalmond67r (22)

EPA approved residual pesticides should be used around the home and placed in any cracks, crevices, and spots of the exterior and interior parts of a structure.


Answer by  Anonymous son brought these from camp in his damp clothes. They are in my basement & they bite. How do I get rid of them it's been over a week. I went to kill one with my finger but they hop forward..


Answer by  LaurenHebbe (300)

These buhs live off fungi and plants. So if you take the plant out of your yard they should leave. Also they dont have a long lifespan, so they will die shortly after being born into adulthood. As gross as they are to look at they are not a threat to you and are harmless, except for your crops.

posted by Anonymous
So they are not harmful to humans? they are. Like Dermadex mites, they are awful. And indicated in Morgellons disease. Just as with Helicobacter Pylorii, eventually the truth will come out. We are infested with parasites & mites.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

Trust me they defiantly are a threat. Maybe you should try having them then tell us what you think. Doctors and stuff need to wake the hell up and do something about it before sufferers start losing their lives over it.

posted by Anonymous
I have decided that nothing will be done until someone makes a public display of killing themselves and making sure that everyone knows why it is being done. I will post date and time.  add a comment
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